Checklist for Success
Before you go into a studio and after you start your project here is a checklist of things that will help guarantee a focused, enjoyable and successful endeavor. read more...
Choosing An Engineer/Studio
Here are a few of the more important things to ask about when choosing an engineer for your project. Determining what you shooting for and explaining it to the potential engineer in advance is an important part of the production process. Many times especially with novice or intermediate artist/producers there are things you might be unsure of. Don't be afraid to question the engineer about any uncertainties you may have. With any level of experience there are definitely things that need to be explained and/or asked up front to avoid misunderstandings, thereby making your recording endeavor the best it can be.read more...
Mixing is an art form. Many times the person who cuts your tracks won’t be the person who mixes them. My forte is mixing and my personal studio is set up exclusively for that and vocal tracking. Granted many of my projects are full productions. But the bulk of my work comes from the fact that there are few real mix engineers as compared to the amount of studios and tracking engineers. I have mixed award-winning major label and independent records over a wide span of musical styles. What your mix will sound like actually starts from the moment you arrange your song in your head. Here is my philosophy on mixing and how you can provide me with the best opportunity to give you an awesome mix. read more...
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